Custom Coils

Custom hand made and hand wound coils Kef Ovalhave become a lost and dying art.

The aftermarket industry has brought us a great deal of previously unobtainable coils to suit a huge range of original speakers.

Some manufacturers no longer service small run and unique models and will sell “original” recone kits from other generic models.

There are manufacturers who never supplied recones but supplied whole drivers only. Some of these are now no longer available and the aftermarket industry has not reproduced them.

For Specialised Custom Coil Speaker Repairs – Call 08 9417 4774

For these unobtainable coils, we can hand make replacements.

This service is unique to us to the best of our knowledge.

With a large stock of winding wires in round Who fixes speakers near mesection pure copper, we hand wind coils on original high temperature paper made in house, nomex paper, aluminium and Kapton.

  • Single layer
  • Multi-layer
  • Bifilar, (two wires at once)
  • Inside/outside wound,
  • Dual coil.

Prices on application for this unique service.

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