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The limiting factor with all car audio repairs is can we get the speaker apart, if the answer is yes then we are more than likely able to repair it.

What can we repair on Car Audio

Coils – Single, Dual and multi layered. The coil fail usually by being overdriven or an amplifier fault. Being overdriven can be in the form     of a coil burn by overpower, or breakage by over travel

Suspension Rings – foam edges disintegrate over time, this is replaced with foam if available.  Some speakers have rubber, some     rubber is available but sizes are limited. We generally do not change from foam to rubber as this can lead to other problems.

Leads or Braids – These can fray or burn out.  They can be replaced, quite often without taking the speaker out of the frame.

Recone Kits – These are very rarely available for car audio but we now have a source of aftermarket re-cones including some car     audio.

Below is a JBL W15GTi Car Sub

The Sub

Burnt Coils

Coils removed

Two new coils

This 15” JBL came to us having been pulled apart by a colleague, many thanks for that. The original coils are 6 Ohm single layer edge wound copper coated aluminium. Our rewind was able to match the impedance and the number of turns using multi layer round copper. So far, the lad has been unable to kill the rebuild. These coils are huge and currently only the Kicker Solo X (18” Square) has had a larger one for us to rewind.

This series of photos shows an ‘Extra Long Stroke’ Peerless. Note the remains of the trashed coil in the first two are not burnt but broken in half. This is over travel and is an issue with tuning either of the enclosure, the system or likely both. This one scores an in house manufactured coil and former.

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