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Suspension Rings:          

Most quality speakers use soft foam for the outer suspension rings of the bass and midrange speakers.  This is widely regarded by speaker professionals as the best material for sound quality.  But they do have a limited life span and will eventually need to be replaced, about 10 – 15 years.  Rubber and Cloth rings are also available for those speakers that require them.

Gale GS401 – needing new suspensions

With new suspensions

Burnt Coils:

The voice coil can be burnt by being overdriven or by a fault in the amplifier.  We are able to repair most burnt coils; depending on the severity of the burn. Once we see the coil, we can generally advise you whether the amplifier has a fault or if the speaker was just turned up too loud.  

We Rewind Voice Coils

  • Single and Multi-layer
  • Single and Dual Coil
  • Impedance matching/changing
  • Tweeters

Infinity Dual coil – burnt

Infinity Dual coil –
Rewound Two different wire sizes


The leads or braids as they are also known, can break partially, causing a ‘crackly’ sound or if broken completely make the speaker stop working altogether.


Repairing Torn Cones.

We can patch most tears in paper cones, this will depend on the severity of the tear, we would need to see the speaker to give a quote.

Badly torn cone

Cone Repaired

Recone Kits

Most Hi Fi companies don’t provide recone kits for their speakers but we have recently sourced a supplier of aftermarket recone kits from China.  So far these have been working out very well, with speakers previously a throw away are now able to be restored.


Crossover Work

The crossover is the electronic filter for the speakers, when these fail we are able to repair or replace them.
We are able to custom build your crossover design, give us a plan and we will make the crossover for you.

Custom Built Crossover

Blown Capacitor


Effects of general old age include failure of glues and corrosion, usually caused by the glue!

This classic Wharfedale E series 10” woofer from the 70’s shows all the signs of age. The spider has unglued itself from both the cone and the frame. Corrosion has also lifted most of the suspension at the top. A cleanup of the frame and some fresh glue will see another 30 plus years of excellent sound.





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