Speaker Repairs


Short Fuse Speaker Repairs offer the complete solution to your speaker repair needs.

We repair all types of Speaker damage and all types of Speakers.

We can Replace Suspensions – Foam, cloth & rubber

We can Rewind Voice Coils – Single and multi-layer, Single or Dual Coil – impedance matching/changing.

We can Repair damaged Coil Formers

We can Replace Spiders

We can Replace or repair Leads

why is my speaker not working

We can Realign and reattach Magnet assemblies

We can Strengthen fractured cones

We can Repair torn Cones

We can Repair and upgrade Crossovers

We can Build new crossovers

We can Custom fit speaker protection – Fuse, Poly switch & full electronic.

We can Supply and Fit re-cone Kits – Original and Aftermarket

We can Sell good 2nd Hand and re-manufactured Speakers

We can Sell good 2nd Hand and re-manufactured Speaker Boxes

Krix-JBL-B&W- Speaker Repairs Perth

We can Give You Good Quality advice to help with your Speaker problems

We can Measure Thiele/Small parameters and supply impedance plots

We can Supply you the programs to measure your own.

For experience you can trust. To Book contact us today!!http://shortfuse.net.au/book-a-repair/