Hi Perth

Short Fuse Speaker Repairs has serviced the local domestic, professional and car audio market for 30 years.

I closed for the Christmas break on Friday 17th December 2021 and took the decision to not re-open in 2022.

This was a difficult decision and was a long time coming. Having maintained a steady flow of jobs through COVID, I found parts supply to be very unreliable with supply times measured in years rather than days or weeks.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported me over the past 17 years. I’ve made some good friends and met some amazing people.

A heartfelt Thank You to you all.

Feel free to contact me via the email address listed below.

You may like to visit my online store – Speaker Re Store.



About Us

Short Fuse Speaker Repairs closed in December 2021.

Please contact me via sales@shortfuse.net.au regarding remaining stocks of vintage and rare speakers.

I am selling off various parts and speakers via my online store – Speaker Re Store



As we have ceased trading, direct phone contact is no longer available. I am continuing email contact for the time being. This is largely to let people know that I have closed. So many businesses ‘disappear’ and become blog legends. (“Whatever happened to…”) I did not want that to happen.

I did keep the Facebook account going for a while but the default contact seemed to be abuse – so that’s gone.

To the dozens of Website designers that wish to help me out every day. Thanks for the offer but no thanks.

Postal Deliveries:

PO Box 5109

Southlake, WA. 6164

Email: sales@shortfuse.net.au