Hi Perth

Short Fuse Speaker Repairs has serviced the local domestic, professional and car audio market for 30 years.

We’ve recently been hacked and are currently constructing a new and improved website. Thanks for your patience and keep checking back.


About Us

In recent times we have found that our Pickup/delivery service has been largely the method of choice for most of our customers.

With a recent change of location which does not allow drop-in traffic, we have moved to pickup/delivery only.

Check with us for your specific requirements. We understand that this will create problems for some people and businesses, particularly our country customers.


Serving the Perth area for around 30 years. We are a traditional repairer.

We aim to return speakers to original condition and use as many original parts as are still available.

For discontinued components, we can hand manufacture coils and rewind coils. This service is unique to us and is almost a ‘forgotten or lost art’.


As a pickup and delivery only business, we do not advertise our physical address.

Postal Deliveries:

PO Box 5109

Southlake, WA. 6164

Email: sales@shortfuse.net.au

Mobile: 0422 617 623

With the closing of the copper network, we have moved to mobile contact only.

Please understand that this is not an invitation to contact us 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You may text your details after hours for us to contact you during our normal office hours.

Fridays we are doing pickup/deliveries and will have limited contact while driving and moving in and out of sites and venues.