Welcome to Short Fuse Speaker Repairs!.

We take the concept “We Make Your Speakers Better” to mean several things. Yes, we repair speakers.

We also like to take speakers that are old and tired and make them better!

We are traditional repairers. We do the kind of repairs that few other people take on. Custom hand made voice coils. Hard to get and discontinued items.


Custom Coils

When rebuilding speakers, original parts are always the first choice.

Aftermarket parts are becoming wide-spread and quality becomes the next question.

Some great old speakers are no longer supported, either as original or aftermarket supply. In these cases, we can fall back on traditional methods and hand build custom coils.


Short Fuse Speaker Repairs has been serving the musical enthusiasts and professionals of Perth for more than 20 years.

We have moved around a bit over the years and settled now into our custom facility in Cockburn Central.


Hello world!

Welcome to Short Fuse Speaker Repairs! We love a challenge. The latest one is to build a Website! So, if it looks a bit poor and it’s clunky etc. – It’s a work in progress. That’s because we are really good at Repairing Speakers!  


We’ve been making changes.

Our Email has been down over the last several weeks which has made contact patchy at best.

We are back up and running on our original contact Email sales@shortfuse.net.au

Thank you all for your patience.